"Noon Meem" Rashed (Nazri Muhammad Rashed, 1910-1975) was one of the most important Urdu poets of the 20th century, and a pioneer of Urdu modernist literature. In 2013 Rashed's then Montreal-based daughter Yasmin Hassan allowed us to inspect a collection of Rashed's papers and personal effects. She has generously given this extraordinary collection, consisting of valuable letters, poetry drafts, photographs and life records, into the safekeeping of the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University. For more on Rashed's life and work, see the work of Muhammad Fakhar ul-Haq Noori and Sean A. Pue's scholarly study, I Too Have Some Dreams.

On this Omeka-based website you will find digital copies of the items from the N. M. Rashed Archive. This project has been funded by McGill University awards: an internal Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Development Grant, an Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Award (Zain Mian), and the Arts Students Employment Fund from the Arts Undergraduate Society of McGill, as well as anonymous private donations from the Canadian South Asian community. A big thank you to Sean Swanick, former librarian at the Islamic Studies Library for his guidance (and driving). The late ISL librarian Stephen Millier also gave us important help.

This project is dedicated to Rashed's nephew and son-in-law, the late Faruq Hassan (1939-2011), himself an Urdu poet, a teacher at Dawson College and at McGill's Institute of Islamic Studies.

Principal Investigator: Pasha M. Khan

Graduate Research Assistants:
Zain Mian (Lead RA) - Articles
Zahra Sabri (Lead RA)

Undergraduate Research Assistants:
Niyousha Bastani (Persian Specialist RA)
Nadia Javaheri-Cabrera (Persian Specialist RA)
Nusra Khan