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Photograph: Rāshid aur Faiz ek Īrānī sāhirah ke sāth. Note from Rashed in blue ink on reverse; mentions that Rashed and Faiz Ahmed Faiz are in the company of a "sāhirah" as Rashed references his own poem, "Shabāb-i gurezāñ".
N. M. Rashed and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Tehran. Stamp indicates that the photograph was developed at Kamān Colour Photography.
Letter sent by N. M. Rashed to Carlo Coppola regarding the issue of the journal Mahfil on Rashed, which Coppola has sent to Rashed. Rashed lauds the issue and points out some deviations in the translated poems published therein.
Letter from Shamsur Rahman Faruqi to N. M. Rashed introducing himself and soliciting poetry for his literary periodical Shabkhoon. A crease in the center and identical marks at the top and bottom suggest this card was stapled shut for delivery.
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