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Translation of N. M. Rashed's "Abū Lahab kī shādī".
Translation of N. M. Rashed's "Izhār aur rasā’ī".
Biographical note on N. M. Rashed listing positions and activities up to 1959. This copy marked "For Baji" (NMR's eldest daughter Nasrin Rashed) at top left by donor Yasmin Hassan.
Letter from N. M. Rashed to Yasmin Hassan. Writing in top right corner notes the letter was sent from Tehran. Blue Ink on reverse says: "Replied June 23rd". Aerogramme is different in appearance from others in folder. The colour is yellow-green and…
Letter from N. M. Rashed to Carlo Coppola, PhD student at University of Chicago, regarding a possible interview in the periodical Mahfil.
Letter from Shamsur Rahman Faruqi to N. M. Rashed introducing himself and soliciting poetry for his literary periodical Shabkhoon. A crease in the center and identical marks at the top and bottom suggest this card was stapled shut for delivery.
Handwritten draft of N. M. Rashed’s poem "Ai samandar". Pages numbered 28-30. Starting from the 2nd page, there is a difference in line breaks between draft and 1st edition, the lines "chānd kī tūtī hū’ī kashtī ke takhte/. kī bāhoñ par rawāñ" are…
College recommendation letter for N. M. Rashed, written by Tara Singh, principal of Government Intermediate College, Lyallpur, in year of Rashed’s graduation.

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