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Photograph of N. M. Rashed and two unidentified men outside a UN session, Tehran. Writing in Urdu on reverse describes the photograph.
Photograph for N. M. Rashed with three other men, including Iranian Minister of Education Isa Sadiq, at the unveiling of the statue of Abu'l-Qasem Ferdowsi in Ferdowsi Square (Maidan-i Firdausi, Tehran). This event took place on October 2, 1945.…
Photograph with Dr. Abdul in Tehran, 1973. Note in pen on reverse of photo indicates that the man standing next to Rashed is "Dr. Abdul".
Photograph in Tehran. Reverse notes that the photo is possibly from the "UN Conference on the Human Environment" but this is crossed out.
Photograph: Rāshid aur Faiz ek Īrānī sāhirah ke sāth. Note from Rashed in blue ink on reverse; mentions that Rashed and Faiz Ahmed Faiz are in the company of a "sāhirah" as Rashed references his own poem, "Shabāb-i gurezāñ".
N. M. Rashed and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Tehran. Stamp indicates that the photograph was developed at Kamān Colour Photography.
Photograph of N. M. Rashed with Prime Minister Hoveyda, Tehran.
Photograph of N. M. Rashed with Dr. Abdul and Reuters correspondent in Tehran. Writing in blue pen on reverse describes the photo: "Tehran 1973. Dr. Abdul and Reuters correspondent. (no need to return)." Printed in Iran at Kamān Colour Photography.
Letter from Shahryar Rashed sent to Mr. Mohammad Fakhrul Haq Noori, Shohba-e-Urdu at Oriental College, Punjab University, Lahore. He addresses him as "Prof. Noori." He confirms that he received Prof Noori's letter dated 16 July 1993 about his work on…
Handwritten aerogramme from Mughni Tabassum. He wishes Rashed good health and expresses happiness over Rashed’s plan to visit Hyderabad. He mentions he has been communicating with Aal-e Sarwar, Shahryar and Shamsur Rahman Faruqi regarding organizing…
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