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Photograph of N. M. Rashed and two unidentified men outside a UN session, Tehran. Writing in Urdu on reverse describes the photograph.
Photograph of N. M. Rashed lecturing on the work of the UN in Kerman, Iran. Writing in black pen describes photograph on reverse.
Photograph in Tehran. Reverse notes that the photo is possibly from the "UN Conference on the Human Environment" but this is crossed out.
Photograph of N. M. Rashed: Director of United Nations Information Centre in Teheran. Typed description and information on Rashed present on reverse; some Urdu writing in black ink also present. The photograph was taken, apparently in New York, upon…
Letter sent from Mrs. Sheila Rashed to Hosain Shahid, in which she thanks him for his letter of 18th August. The letter is dated 3rd September 1976. She received his letter earlier but thought it best to reply after she and Nazeil returned from a…
Letter from Shahryar Rashed sent to Mr. Mohammad Fakhrul Haq Noori, Shohba-e-Urdu at Oriental College, Punjab University, Lahore. He addresses him as "Prof. Noori." He confirms that he received Prof Noori's letter dated 16 July 1993 about his work on…
Letter sent by N. M. Rashed to Carlo Coppola regarding the issue of the journal Mahfil on Rashed, which Coppola has sent to Rashed. Rashed lauds the issue and points out some deviations in the translated poems published therein.
Letter from N. M. Rashed to Carlo Coppola, PhD student at University of Chicago, regarding a possible interview in the periodical Mahfil.
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